The Background of Daniel Berger

Born – Monday, October 24, 1949 11:32 A.M. St. Barnabus Hospital, Newark, N.J.



Grammar Schools

*Avon Avenue School – Newark, N.J.

*Roosevelt School – Neptune City, N.J.

*Wilson School – Neptune City, N.J.

*Hebrew School – Temple Beth El – Asbury Park, N.J.

*High School – Asbury Park High, Asbury Park, N.J.

*College – Rutgers College, B.A. History , New Brunswick, N.J.

Post Graduate Education

*Brooklyn Law School, Brooklyn New York

*Middlesex Community College, Edison, N.J.

*Baylor University , San Antonio, Texas

*Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

*United States Small Business Administration, Newark, N.J.

1963 – Star Scout – Boy Scouts of America, Troop 20, Harold Daly V.F.W. Post, Asbury  Park, N.J.

1967 – Central Jersey Council President of AZA, of the Bnai Brith Youth Organization, Monmouth/Middlesex Counties, N.J.

1970 – Worked in campaign of Congressman James Howard, Chairman of the House of Representatives Public Works Committee

1972 - Worked in Presidential campaign of George McGovern in New York City

1975/1976 – Served in the United States Army Reserve Ft.Dix N.J., San Antonio, Texas, Indianapolis, Indiana

1976 – Worked in Presidential campaign of Jimmy Carter in New York City; was invited to his inauguration

1979 – Began work in the energy saving field with the I.F.S. Energy Saver : a revolutionary draft diverter device for atmospherically fed heating units –gas or oil; that was listed with the American Gas Association with a 33 page engineering report, and approved by the Oil Council of Canada. This device was invented by M.r. Dennis Senne, Monee, Illinois

1980 – Started work with Michael Associates, an engineering firm from Hazlet, N.J. With guidance from Michael Estavanik and Samuel Giamo, started work with synthetic lubricants. Mr. Giamo founded the Duro Lube Company.

1980 Met and started work with Dr. Sadiq Ali (a Muslim); founder of Ana Laboratories, Bellmawr, N.J.

1980 – Worked with Ms. Edna Swasinger, founder of Freedom Oil, a synthetic Lubricant company

1980 – Had my first contact with the Hatco Chemical Company, formulator of synthetic Lubricants

1980 – Founded Future Energy Marketing –THE Energy Consultant Cooperative, Piscataway, N.J.

1982 – Joined Raritan Valley  Chamber of Commerce,New Brunswick, N.J.; Piscataway Chamber of Commerce, Piscataway, N.J.; and the Princeton Area Chamber of Commerce

1982 – Began work with jojoba and super absorbants

1982 – Began association with Amsoil, THE major pioneer developing a wide range of synthetic lubricants, revolutionary oil and air filters.

Became a lifetime dealer in 1986.

1982 – Invited to join New Jersey Governor Kean's Office of Management Improvement Services

1983 – NBC –TV in New York City, asked Mr. Berger to do an editorial on the United States Synthetic Fuels Corporation

1984 – Started work with fusion nuclear energy and Spirulina

1989 – Made aliyah to Israel

1991 – Israel Foreign Ministry asked Mr. Berger to be a consultant to their economic development program for Africa and the Far East

1992 – Met Professor BenZion Ginzberg, Israel Business Today published an article about his "North Sea" Oil algae project

1992 – With Mr. Avi Bar On (of blessed memory) tried to start a Friends of the Earth chapter in Israel

1992 - Began association with Gidion Bromberg and EcoPeace

1993 to 1997 - Worked with Delkol : the Israeli affiliate of Exxon/Mobil

1995 – Made first contact with the Rocky Mountain Institute, Snowmass, Colorado ; THE world recognized environmental think tank

1995 – Founder  -  Israeli Committee for Sustainable Economic Growth

1995 - Founder; Israeli Strike Force for Environmental Justice

1996 – Started association with Greenpeace – Israel

2002 – Johnson and Johnson , New Brunswick, N.J. sent Mr. Berger their "Enhanced Best Practices" manual; an industrial Osage, Iowa no cost, low cost energy saving program

2004 - Wrote the GREEN DEAL for the Isreali Committee for Sustainable Economic Growth, and the Kerry/Edwards campaign in the United States. July 18, 2004 a copy was sent to Secretary of State Colin Powell

2004 – Made first contact with the Heschel Center for Environmental Studies and

2007 – Acquired  an Email address; and a website :

2008 - Acquired a new website, and a new design: